Charity Notice for Educators

Charity Notice for Educators and Other Involved or Connected Persons

            Operating with a small and unencumbered network, I sometimes am able to secure immediate or quick access (without bureaucratic delays or restraints) to limited funds and/or a variety of products, articles, services, games, toys, etc. for very deprived (desperate) individuals, especially children ages 3-8 (remaining anonymous) who might need gently used items that are safe, clean, and basically new-appearing. EVERYTHING will be totally free! Some examples are metal or plastic trucks, cars, planes, fire engines, trains, superheroes, animals, musical instruments, etc. Many of these are battery-operated and produce sound effects. There are also battery-operated clocks from small to large size, magnetic letters, disappearing writing slates, cash registers, play dough, several dozen dolls of different varieties, letter/number cards and boards for games and learning, jump ropes, hundreds of new and used crayons, construction kits with blocks or other materials, different types of balls, smaller (carnival type) games, foldable tunnels through which children may crawl, hundreds of books for entertainment and learning, different topical puzzles to be assembled, coloring books, pencils, markers, paper pads, boxes of yellow/white paper for writing, and MORE! Even bicycles could be procured, including adult-sized. Within the past several years, I have donated hundreds of bicycles and many household items to charities, other groups, and individuals.

            If people inform me of their desires in detail, I also could have access to other products (although not always immediately) which teachers and deserving children might seek. I have some contacts with various individuals who know of my collecting and donate directly to me instead of lengthier and cumbersome involvement with larger organizations. Teachers, social workers, etc. often know of boys and girls who could benefit from my charitable work, and I am eager to help. There seems to be “nothing to lose” for people who connect with me so that a deserving person/family might have an important, unnecessary deficiency corrected. This plan can only begin if I am alerted. A deserving child who does not qualify for another specific program could benefit from your engagement with me. This is not a large operation, but don't you agree that every student matters? Please spread my message so that together we can plug some of the unnecessary cracks or omissions in the lives of unfortunate youngsters or families. Teachers might even request items that could enhance their classroom. This plan will be successful if I am contacted! My idea is similar to any media periodically publicizing the needs of deserving individuals so that any interested person could satisfy them.

            My e-mail is: . Please leave complete information so that I may properly respond and, if you desire, please examine the Community Service category on my personal website ( and read the selections in order to learn of my background.



Tony Odierna, Jr.