H.E.R.O. Program 5

(This letter will hopefully inspire people and explains the program with procedures to be followed).       

        Valuable and publicized programs, beyond governmental intervention, exist during the Christmas season in order to provide some luxuries, necessities, and, thus, an element of joy to needy families, whose members would otherwise experience little pleasure and endure various forms of suffering. What then occurs after Christmastime?

                The Christmas season does end, but the desperately poor still remain, while efforts directed to assist them are reduced and/or less visible. However, the needs of this group do not diminish or disappear! The Christmas spirit can continue if people choose to incorporate and project it.

                December 25th is indeed a special day, but is just one day. Christmas can exist for as long as people are willing to abide by its spirit. Upon analyzing the word “Christmas,” one can discern that we need more (mas in Spanish) action to enliven the stated ideals of that personage so that citizens at the subsistence level are always a primary focus.

                Many people desperate for the essentials or meager improvements (whether they be physical possessions or services) that are important for a safe, healthy, and fulfilling life are unable to lessen or solve their crisis because they fall “through the cracks” prevalent in our society. Their need is not one for which a current governmental program specifically exists, OR what they require or minimally desire does not precisely match others, such as that which guarantees at least one toy per child at Christmas for qualifying families. It is not acceptable that some families live as poorly as they do, especially when they work well to improve their situation!

                Such people are doubtlessly either greatly struggling to alleviate their problems or are often without hope, a precious commodity that normal citizens can provide by participating (for any precious reason of their choice) in a very worthwhile and rewarding program which _______________________ will publicize and involves various steps: 1) trustworthy and reputable agencies will certify the legitimacy of requests they receive from the people they represent and serve; 2) those unknown to or unaffiliated with these organizations may complete a request form to be investigated; 3) ________________ will announce various requests (costs for desirable product or service plus all other pertinent information); 4) citizens will determine if they wish to contribute partially or totally and be asked to contact the listed telephone number so that all instructions will be given; 5) donations “in honor of” (whomever or whatever) will be publicly recognized; 6) if voluntary donations exceed the amount requested, donors will be asked to consider alternatives.

                                         Procedure for Donating to Requests         

                 1) Agencies gather and authenticate requests for money, products, and/or services

                 2) Agency writes a brief description of the individual situation in order to create a personal scene

                 3) Information is forwarded to the designated collector and given to ___________ for publicity

                 4) Readers examine requests for possible sponsorship and contact ____________ for procedural information (sending money, providing services, in honor of?,  alternatives if request is already fulfilled)

                 5) Thank you note to sponsor

                 6) Publication of donor list and “in honor of” list in newspaper or other outlet