News Ad for H.E.R.O. Program

Charity Proposal and Invitation

                Would you care to investigate and share in the possible launching of a charitable enterprise that I have been contemplating to establish for several years? Basically, it involves concerned citizens collaborating on extending the simplest of benefits and favors (social, financial, physical) to needy people unable to help themselves emerge from a desperate situation and who cannot secure aid from any existing program. One could cite limitless examples of rectifiable circumstances significantly interfering with lives of the poor. Many bothersome problems could theoretically be eliminated quickly and effectively. Despite my assorted faults, no one will discover among them that I choose totally to ignore all the correctable difficulties of the most vulnerable men, women, and children.

                I have always believed that it is vital for people continually to perform community service and that I should do more than I have. If you should care to examine the idea I envision, please go to the website and read all aspects of the “H.E.R.O. Program” in order to understand my proposal for which dedicated people would be needed to pursue various actions (financial to organizational). The essence and basic outline for the program is stated on page 3. Also, if you care to scrutinize a portion of my volunteer record as a possible sample of my credibility, click on the “Community Service” section. If you then would desire to meet with other interested citizens to discuss the implementation of the “H.E.R.O. Program” or any different charitable venture in which all participants would have an equal voice, please contact me at my e-mail ( or street address (5 Odierna Drive, Longmeadow, MA 01106)  with any comments. Is there any media outlet, organization, agency, business, corporation, etc. seeking to extend its visibility and impact by adopting a community service project so that the creation of this proposal would be more easily manageable?

                Since I consider myself “just a regular person,” I have contemplated about the message I should best convey to accomplish my purpose. I do know that many individuals exist without hope for correcting meaningful and solvable problems whose remedy could significantly improve their lives, and that many other kind people, for whatever personal reason (religious, cultural, humanitarian, reciprocity for favor received, etc.), want to and believe that they should aid others. Why can’t the parties be matched to everyone’s advantage? Constant work and coordination of certain variables will be needed in order to achieve success. Are you a worker who would be willing to join a team to positively impact our region?  If only the proper people would become involved, the H.E.R.O. Program will be rewarding and life-altering for the recipient of the good deed and the benefactor.

              After publication of this article, I shall wait from approximately three to six weeks and then notify all who respond in order to inform them of an initial meeting or other news. The chances for my proposal to materialize might not be high, but I must confront the challenge. History abounds with many success stories that occurred because determined individuals united to achieve that which heretofore seemed unlikely or impossible, and society was uplifted. Do not “sell yourself short!”  Even if no one communicates with me, what have I lost from attempting to help the community?


                                   Tony Odierna, Jr. – also known as “Mr. O.”