Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror


                Do you believe that there is a “magic mirror” somewhere which, if one peers into it and asks about oneself, will reveal the true character of that person – no matter what!? Some people simply cannot or will not see their real selves and are deluded by undeserved or illogical adulation from many individuals, while believing that any opposition emanates from jealousy and inferiority.

                There once was an elected leader who had a large hypnotized following. He would admire himself in all mirrors, yet was forever fearful to ask the vital question because he really was unsure that he possessed any admirable qualities, and each mirror could potentially be the “magic” one that could deflate his self-delusional beliefs. However, no matter the revelation that would be apparent, the reality exists that this leader could not accept the truth because he was emotionally/mentally unstable to the extent that he was incapable of ever absorbing the obvious facts and correcting his dangerous conduct.

                Also, this man’s followers were so extremely needy for a variety of reasons that they would never accept any indisputable facts that cast a negative light on their “god.” Can (will) this preposterous situation with the alleged leader and his followers ever be overcome so that at least a semblance of maturity, decency, and true patriotism might be restored to the nation?

                Is it possible to convince all people that their blatantly false statements are ruinous for everyone and for the country’s ultimate welfare? At one extreme was Adolph Hitler who was never going to be convinced logically and admit that his extermination policies were utterly inhumane. However, thousands of Republicans in the United States have switched their party affiliation to “Independent” because they finally absorbed the reasoning that the many sickening lies spread by their party leaders must be strongly disavowed. Reality should rule the day, but it is more emotionally and intellectually comforting to rationalize by creating a scapegoat rather than accepting personal responsibility for one’s own failures. On a totally cloudy day, some athletes might claim that they missed an easy catch because the sun shined brightly in their eyes.

                Of all this idiotic misinformation from A-Z that is being spread, I cannot choose which lie is the most abhorrent and ridiculous. What are all the reasons why people are so susceptible in digesting such reprehensible fantasies and/or fail to act/speak against them? I am certain one explanation is that many citizens are gullible, mentally deficient, and/or lack self-worth.

                There are many weak, vulnerable, needy people. If one verbally feeds them what they crave (however false the facts or unrecognizably contemptuous the motives), they will do one’s bidding. This is at least the partial reality of the maintenance of power by criminals, such as Pablo Escobar and some Mafia leaders, who might grant favors in return for fealty. A few handouts for ulterior motives can be productive to a dangerous schemer. If one uses various tactics to convince people falsely that one deeply values them, these victims will bond with the perpetrator and be spellbound by his/her apparent magnificence. When people believe that the culture and economy are ignoring or displacing them, they are very susceptible to extremism, as is proven by the rise of Adolph Hitler.

                As long as there are disgruntled people unsatisfied with their lives, many of these citizens will be prone to following charlatans who, instead of advocating individual responsibility and scientific solutions to problems, promise that they are the only correct answer to improving currently poor conditions. Just as Hitler with his “Nero Decree” revealed his true disdain for his followers when Germany collapsed, how do those who “kiss the ring” think that their “god” will treat them when they no longer please him/her? What about Trump’s betrayal of Mike Pence (perhaps the president’s most loyal supporter) on January 6, 2021? I wonder where all the lies and conspiracy theories spread recently by some political leaders rank in the greatest cons of all time? Can the “magic mirror” ever serve a useful purpose? Ultimately, we must all live with ourselves – happily or unhappily.