Help the Needy

Help the Needy

(The H.E.R.O. Program – Helping Everyone Receive Opportunities)

            In 2007, it was reported in a newspaper that an 83 year old lady accidentally lost $1100. Because of this publicity, the woman later received in excess of that amount through the generosity of many people. Similar misfortunes have occurred since then with people responding in a like fashion. These stories illustrate various messages to me, such as: 1) proper publicity of personal difficulties can promote assistance 2) many citizens will sacrifice in order to help someone with a readily solvable problem and 3) some individuals who find an opportunity to keep another’s money will do so. I prefer to concentrate on the first and second of these statements.

            The aforementioned woman might not have been wealthy, but her situation does not seem to imply poverty or destitution either. While I am pleased that she received plentiful assistance and am bolstered by the knowledge that many individuals quickly offered to sacrifice their resources on her behalf, logic and my experiences tell me that there are certainly thousands of other people in our area who more desperately need financial aid for a critical personal matter in order to improve their daily lives, yet are unable to solve their crisis because they “fall through the cracks” prevalent in our society. Their need is not one for which a current governmental program specifically exists, or what they require does not precisely match others, such as that which guarantees at least one toy per child at Christmas for qualifying families.

            Such people, who doubtlessly are greatly struggling to alleviate their problems, are often without hope – hope that we could help to provide! What agency or organization currently functions in order to grant vital requests for our needy neighbors (within reasonable time and without burdensome paperwork) so that, to cite only a few examples, they may: 1) secure athletic and/or educational equipment, clothing, bicycles, etc. for children 2) receive home modifications or devices for dealing with disabilities 3) get money to visit a dying relative in a distant place 4) procure funding for necessary repairs to one’s dilapidated house or to undergo common medical treatment that would restore one’s health and/or positive outlook on life 5) add any legitimate need that you, yourself, can contemplate? Would you at least be interested in investigating a volunteer opportunity with other regular, ordinary, and common individuals in order to provide some cement to solidify life’s foundation for some of our fellow citizens?

            I have always loved the song, Imagine, by John Lennon because of its tune and message about dreaming of a better world. Of course, dreamers need to become doers if a worthy goal is to be accomplished. Imagine if there were a television or radio station or publication which weekly or monthly explained the plight of one and/or several different citizens each time, and those who desired could donate financially or by offering other services! Various factors would be required: 1) people would need to expose their plight or allow it to be reported for them to a designated person or group: social agencies, with permission and confidentiality, could reveal candidates 2) investigators would verify that the request for assistance was legitimate and should not be satisfied personally 3) a media outfit, hopefully, would offer free publicity so that funds normally charged for this procedure might be used elsewhere in the process 4) any citizen willing to contribute money or services would then contact a designated person or group to offer his/her assistance 5) a special account administered by a bank or other trustworthy institution, group, or person beyond reproach would be needed for depositing donations and allocating money, not to the requesting party, but rather to pay for the necessary items, work, etc. that is being sought for the needy individuals and 6) a committee would be needed to make telephone calls and to write a variety of letters.

            Does an organization, club, person, etc. already exist to undertake this suggestion? Even then, there might be too many impediments for success, OR perhaps something wonderful will happen. Who knows? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.” This is something that could be very uplifting, rewarding, and beneficial in numerous ways for everyone who becomes involved.