Donating Blood

Donating Blood

            Hopefully, it can be truthfully stated that somehow I have continually contributed positively to society in my lifetime. However, I confess to a serious oversight because, until approximately the sixth decade of my life, I failed to donate blood regularly, despite having no religious, medical, and/or other worthy reasons for neglecting to respond to this critical need.

            An overwhelming number of people would want and expect a blood transfusion if one’s life depended upon it. Yet, where would the desirable distributable blood be if, as is now true, only a single digit percentage of our population continues to donate this precious commodity?

            After I no longer could tolerate being hypocritical in this sense, I initiated the process of donating blood by contacting the Red Cross, whose representatives were marvelous throughout the easy one hour period that my life-saving decision required. Realistically, upon completion, I was then a hero greater than Tom Brady leading his team to victory in the Super Bowl. I dare say that I should even be labeled a greater celebrity than the winner of American Idol. One needs to understand the incredibly high value of human blood in alleviating suffering!

            Henceforth, I plan to donate blood on a regular basis. This future action will never fully replace the cumulative good I could have done had I thoughtfully begun my contributions earlier. However, at least I have awakened.

            I recall that Merriweather Lewis, upon nearing the Pacific coast in 1805 during his arduous journey with William Clark and others, paused to contemplate his life now that he was striving to aid our young nation. Realizing the further good that he could and should do as an American citizen, as well as the missed opportunities of the past, he wrote in his diary, “I viewed with regret the many hours I have spent in indolence…But, since they are past and cannot be recalled, I dash from me the gloomy thought and resolve in future to redouble my exertions…to live for mankind, as I have heretofore lived for myself.”  Anytime a person desires, he/she can make today the first day of the remainder of his/her life. Therefore, if you realize and are dissatisfied that your inactivity has impaired an important cause, “start your engine” and transform yourself.

            Try to see the big picture and act upon it. If you have never donated blood, do you have a great answer to explain why you have failed to do so or why you will not do so now?