Community Service

Community Service

                 I truly wish that I could convince everyone of the overwhelming importance and rewards of community service so that our country consisted of all its people somehow striving to improve the public welfare and not just living only for themselves, unaware of the bigger picture that links all of us as citizens of our nation. Your current age is old enough for you to begin contributing as the fertilizer that keeps alive the continuous chain of our American heritage of sacrifice that can be traced back to the Founding Fathers.   

                Community service is so vital that everyone should really do it because America will grow and many problems will be reduced. Young people such as you are keys to making a better future. Rise up to contribute and do not always be waiting to receive! Together we can do it and create a stronger nation. Your individual task is everything that America needs. Be dedicated to something that is bigger than any one of us because together we all can do marvelous deeds. You can make a difference if you believe in your own power. Search deeply within yourself and you will discover your own strength. Don’t be a debtor, but be a doer for your country. Don’t weaken the links of America’s chain by not serving!

                 People must understand that one person exerting his/her influence can work wonders and, if enough people believe and act upon this, our communities can be their strongest. Can you discover the resolve within yourself to perform worthwhile action without publicity for community service so that you will prove that you not only enjoy the benefits of our land but also contribute to our stature? Are you that special person to leave your mark of improvement upon the world?

                The vitality and spirit of any nation can largely be measured by the community service involvement of its citizens. A country cannot thrive if its members do only what legally binds them. Needy causes and/or people must be aided because ultimately there should be a bond among all citizens. This connection is best expressed through community service, whose performance illustrates the critical principles of sacrifice, dedication, responsibility, and patriotism that are central to a country’s strength. Amazing personal and national growth will occur when people demonstrate through community service that they are working for their country’s welfare in addition to their own.



Tony Odierna