H.E.R.O. Program 8

          (This letter could enhance the sponsor's position and stress its commitment)          


___________ is proud of its community service record and seeks to enhance its position in that area by entering a partnership with others in order to promote assistance to truly needy and economically disadvantaged citizens in our local area. The process of contributing is easy, results will be immediate, and subscribers can personalize their choices and reasons for involvement.

          As with any group project, teamwork will determine its success. The role of ___________ will be to absorb all extra costs for its notices or announcements and continually to publicize lists of stated requests for any form of assistance (as verified by legitimate reputable agencies). An explanation of the solicitation, as well as instructions for potential donors, will be offered.

          If people identify with the plea and then act, lives will be positively transformed. If the opportunity for involvement is deemed unappealing to the public, ____________ will be pleased with its volunteer effort and to have extended another possibility for all of us in the field of community service.