General Information for Com. Serv. Award

Information for The Ann and Tony Odierna Community Service Award for Students


1) Community service is any voluntary activity that helps needy people (excluding family) and/or addresses important causes.

2) Community service for this award must be performed for no money, gift, promise, reward, credit, etc. of any kind - exclusive of this award. For example, a student may not submit any involvement in this award for a religious or school requirement. 

3) Community service encompasses a wide range of activities and may be different types, such as planning and performing one-time events or doing something on a regular basis for an extended period of time.

4) The community service chosen to win this award may be performed by one person or any number of students working together. Money awarded would be divided evenly and distributed to all listed participants, unless all participants agree to a different settlement.

5) The winner(s) may be from one project or a combination of community service efforts.

6) Whenever possible, records of community service should be kept or received for verification. It might be best to align oneself with a teacher and keep him/her informed of the community service. Records could include photographs, video, and time slips signed by a supervisory adult. Applicants should report the dates of their community service, its frequency (is it daily, weekly, monthly?) and duration(time, length of each episode), and most especially all tasks involved. The judges need documentation and explanations.

7) Only community service done (although projects may have begun earlier) after the first official day of the current school year will be considered. The final date for consideration is April 15th of that school year.

8) There will be no winner(s) of this award if it is decided that the community service projects do not meet the standards of work and effort expected of a dedicated student, as stated herein.

9) If this award becomes annual, the same student(s) may re-apply with the same continuing service project(s).

10) All students in middle school, junior high school, and high school (public and private - or Grades 6-12) in Hampden County of Massachusetts are eligible.

 11) The monetary prize for this award is $2000.

 12) Applicants should carefully read five pages related to this award (Application Form, Verification Form, Criteria for Judging, General Information, and Background of Ann and Tony Odierna, Sr.).