Charity Alert

Charity Alert

                Click on H.E.R.O. Program from this website in order to learn about an idea to assist desperate, needy people of our community in an easy fashion. I have contacted media outlets, politicians (leading citizens), and various community service groups to solicit their support in sponsoring the H.E.R.O. Program but have received no response.

          If you or your organization seek to be a leader in this worthwhile philanthropic idea or wish to collaborate with me on launching any other charitable project, please contact me. Perhaps there are ordinary citizens like myself who could meet, adopt a plan, and provide funding for an important venture. I, personally, would enjoy joining high school and/or college students in order to discuss the creation of a mutually agreed upon course of action that would positively aid many struggling individuals and/or a valuable cause.

          I have funding (to which others could add, thus creating a powerful force) and am eager to act for the proper motive.



Tony Odierna, Jr.