Criteria For Judging Com. Serv. Award

The Ann and Tony Odierna Community Service Award for Students

The winner(s) will be the person(s) judged most favorably according to the following:

1) No distinction will be recognized between long-term continuous projects and those that are seasonal or of briefer duration.

2) The number of persons involved in working together on the same project will be of no consequence, unless various competing projects are judged to be equal - in which case the project with the fewest volunteers will be given priority.

3) Number of people benefiting from and DEEPLY impacted by the project. (Significantly improving one person’s life would be judged higher than organizing a brief, short-term bingo game for many people).

4) Project determined by each judge to be the most impressive and worthy overall. This will certainly include the sacrifice and commitment of the volunteers.

5) Proper completion of all forms and adherence to all deadlines. Please be careful to conform to all instructions so that your application is not rejected! It is the responsibility of the applicant to be certain that the proper adults receive, complete, and mail all verification forms.  

6) The winner(s) must demonstrate leadership, planning, dedication, involvement of others, and significant improvement to the cause undertaken. This award is not meant for community service that could be considered no more than modest work.



      While all community service is valuable, this award is intended to recognize only the highest caliber of volunteerism. Daring imagination, unquenchable resolve to help others, and outstanding commitment are several qualities that the judges are seeking.

      The Odierna family or its duly authorized representatives or agents, in its sole discretion, reserves the exclusive right to determine if and in what amount(s) and number any and all awards are to be granted. The fact that an award is made in any given year and for a specified amount shall in no way obligate the Odierna family or its duly authorized representatives or agents to grant such awards and in such amounts and number in any succeeding years. The Odierna family or its duly authorized representatives or agents reserves the sole right to terminate, suspend, or cancel this award at any time it deems appropriate to do so without notice.