God Decrees, "No Second Chance for Earthly LIfe!"

 God Decrees, “No Second Chances for Earthly Life!”

                I have very limited knowledge of theological doctrines, but I was taught that God is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient with no limitations whatsoever on doing anything he desires. This prompts me to ask various questions regarding religion. Why is there any evil and so many problems with suffering of all kinds in the world? Why are there bad people who are responsible for so much tragedy that occurs? If the answer is “free will,” why is the power of bad people dominant over that of good people? Is it that life in this world is only a test to determine who is worthy of eternal happiness (salvation) and who deserves the fires of Hell? How can one explain the tragic deaths of infants who have had no time for their future fate to be determined? Is it necessary to pray, especially in times of horror? Does God not know what people desire or need and whether or not he will grant it? If nothing can happen without God’s acquiescence, does praying to improve conditions interfere with God’s plans OR is God testing us to learn who will acknowledge him?

                Referring to God’s motives or actions, people often hear that the intentions of the Lord are beyond understanding or that the Lord acts in mysterious ways. Therefore, do not question what happens and why; also, that one should have faith and, in the end, everything will be fine upon doing one’s maximum to overcome adversity. However, will it or is it that God always knows best? When there is a terrible natural disaster, survivors give thanks to the Lord. However, with God controlling all things, why did he allow the disaster to occur and why did he not save everyone? Were the deceased deserving of death in this calamity because they were not as worthy as others?  Perhaps, we should simply unquestioningly continue living and not be philosophical and/or introspective in religious matters.

                One could discern that religious debates can be never-ending with assertions that are not provable. However, I might have the answer to the following question: “For whatever reasons that tragedy (death) occurs, why does God never restore even one earthly life? Here are some episodes which God has confronted and reveal truly heartbreaking circumstances: 1) A mother begged for her deceased three-year-old son to gain earthly, healthy resurrection. He had been born terribly deformed and desperately ill, clinging precariously to life every second he was alive. The boy had undergone eleven operations before his death and had tubes for breathing, eating, and excreting until he experienced a gut-wrenching death. Never did he complain or ask, “Why me?” 2) An extremely charitable and altruistic young woman died in a fiery crash as she was traveling to feed truly needy people. During her entire adult life, she had existed only to serve the destitute in a variety of ways, and she lived at a subsistence level after donating most of her funds to many worthy causes. For however long she lived, she would have been totally dedicated to community service and would greatly have improved society. 3) A fifty-year-old medical doctor was robbed and murdered after devoting himself to performing delicate and extraordinarily difficult operations for free. He was among a very small and rare group qualified to accomplish the most troublesome procedures. Without his services, many other people would suffer and/or die. How magnificent and beneficial it would be if only these three individuals could experience earthly resurrection – or even never die!

                What could possibly be the Lord’s logical response against restoring these three earthly lives, especially when their existence would highly benefit so very many other people? The Lord explained that everyone needs to comprehend the utterly critical importance of expressing and demonstrating deep affection, kindness, understanding, devotion, etc. to loved ones because there are no second chances once a person is deceased. If there ever were, even once, people might conclude that they do not need to be consumed by displaying to their loved ones the virtues listed above. Individuals could always wait until “later.” The Lord knows that this attitude worldwide would cause people not to be as caring as they should be in so many important ways. Could it be that this eventuality would be worse than no earthly resurrections whatsoever? There is no earthly resurrection!!! Accept this fact and grow from it.

               Therefore, unless people wish to have gut-wrenching regret for the rest of their lives, they should constantly do or say what they inherently desperately want to do with/for or say to their loved ones before someone’s expiration date arrives and one party or another enters the “big sleep.” By the way, be careful that your statement of “I love you” is always spoken with true passion and never as a trivial, robotic comment like the meaningless “how are you” that many people utter as they quickly walk past you and do not even hear, await, or care about your answer.

                Listed below are some reasons that could possibly cause people to delay or never consider demonstrating devotion to and affection for loved ones?

  • Both parties are too stubborn to initiate the process and are asking themselves, “Why should I make the first move?”
  • There has been a disagreement or feeling of betrayal between the two parties and, because of this perception, someone is offended and allows an often-minor misunderstanding to undermine a lengthy past of close connection.
  • It is simply too “corny” to display deep love and appreciation, and the proper time can never be found or it is just not in my nature, even though I am a good person.
  • People are so involved in their fast-paced lives that they overlook or are oblivious to special duties toward loved ones.
  • Some people are absorbed with being only on the receiving end and do not understand their responsibility or duty for initiation of loving actions and/or statements.
  • There are those who do not understand the fragility of life. “You might be well today and gone tomorrow.”
  • One can add other reasons.

Consider the following which God might have dictated:

The Time Is Now

If you are ever going to love me, Love me now, while I can know, The sweet and tender feelings, Which from true affection flow.

Love me now while I am living. Do not wait until I’m gone, And then have it chiseled in marble, Sweet words on ice cold stone.

If you have tender thoughts of me, Please tell me now. If you wait until I am sleeping, Never to awaken, There will be death between us, And I won’t hear you then.

So, if you love me, even a little bit, Let me know it while I’m living, So I can treasure it.