H.E.R.O. Program 10

  (This appeal to the top official could be valuable in many ways).


Dear Mr. Mayor,

            You have undoubtedly heard and/or read about struggling citizens whose needs were met (through monetary donations or provision of services) by other individuals after the latter learned of the plight of the needy people. It has been proven that proper revelation of the deprivations confronting human beings can induce others to assist them.

            I have spoken with ____________________ of _______________________ (as I might do with other organizations) and he/she has agreed to publicize periodically and describe the needs or important desires of desperate individuals (whose names would remain anonymous) so that people can contemplate contributing to rectify the misfortune. The public must be assured of the legitimacy of the requested solicitations which, if satisfied, could remedy a multitude of problems. Any important need or desire without limitation that cannot be secured through an existing program or without significant “red tape” would qualify.

            Upon reading the description for assistance, the thousands of citizens would formulate their decision whether or not to act. They could even contact a listed telephone number for further information. Otherwise, precise directions for rendering aid would be stated. Only one or several people offering to help would be required in order for the goal to be realized.

            A major key for our program’s success will be to secure a continual list of certifiably needy individuals from local agencies whose mission is to serve the downtrodden among us. Certainly, some paperwork and other efforts on their part would be involved. Would your office be able to provide me with a list of people and/or organizations (with addresses and telephone numbers) to contact so that implementation of this program may begin? If people cooperate and are willing to work for the common welfare, my idea can be a valuable community service project that will succeed and provide critical improvements for individuals and families of the Greater Springfield area.

            Before proceeding, I am willing to meet with you or proper representatives in order to discuss any concerns and listen to suggestions so that this program will engender our best efforts and incorporate the maximum chance for achieving its most worthy goal. I can be contacted at: 5 Odierna Drive, Longmeadow, MA 01106 or through e-mail at aodierna@comcast.net. I thank you for your attention and await your response.


Sincerely and Respectfully,

Tony Odierna, Jr.