H.E.R.O. Program 7

       (This is a more concise letter that emphasizes the heart of the program and the ease of donating).   


The essence of this program is that significant and/or desperate needs, which otherwise might never be addressed, can be satisfied rapidly if possible contributors identify with specific requests and donate money, products, or services. By simply reading a newspaper, listening to the radio, watching television, checking a website, or whatever method is used, a potential humanitarian can discover very worthy, legitimate, and verifiable areas requiring his/her assistance and then needs only to do minimal tasks in order to leave his/her positive imprint on the world, while graciously transforming a life after remedying a small but vital concern for the needy person(s).

          Many other wonderful charitable causes exist to which one may contribute, but none seems easily and quickly to allow a donor specifically to choose the exact individual and cause for his/her precious gift from among a multitude of widely different selections. After self-examination, if you determine that you relate with this project, your involvement will be most beneficial in aiding to overcome the difficult, often hopeless, struggle of individuals and families within our local community. The effects of your donation will be immediate for the solicitor and gratifying for you in honor of whatever reason prompts your activism.

          The ______________________ will continue to publish …..............................

           (The publicizing group can here state how long it will print - or whatever medium is used - a request and how often it will print new ones - and how many at one time).