Seven Winners' Photos and Essence of Award (Click on photo to enlarge and view caption)

The photos below show Tony Odierna, Jr. presenting checks for $2000 to some past recipients of The Ann and Tony Odierna Community Service Award, which has been offered intermittently since 2007 to pupils in Grades 6-12 in Hampden County of Western MA. The winner is a student or group judged to have best performed a high level of volunteerism during the specific school year "for no money, gift, promise, reward, credit, etc. of any kind -exclusive of this award- and who demonstrates leadership, planning, dedication, involvement of others, and improvement to the cause undertaken. This award is not meant for community service that could be considered no more than modest work. While all community service is valuable, this award is intended to recognize only a very high caliber of volunteerism. Daring imagination, unquenchable resolve to help others, and outstanding commitment are several qualities that are sought in applicants." Offering this award is a very positive act that may stimulate noteworthy deeds. Interested persons who understand a citizen's obligations toward volunteerism and would wish to apply for this award after engaging in truly unique community service beyond the norm should continually examine this website and other means of publicity to learn if this award will be offered for the current school year.